com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer
com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer

The Principle of Commitment, Consistency & Variability in UX

  • Abtin Bidgoli
  • 2 July 2021
  • 4 minute read

Getting users to make a small commitment & follow up on it can increase engagement with content. Consistency enhances learnability & is usually best for usability.

But if the problem you're solving is sufficiently different, then inconsistency may be better.

Low-Stakes ~ Easy to Make

To take advantage of behavioral consistency, get your users to make an initial commitment to an activity you want them to engage in. The initial commitment you propose to the user has to be low-stakes & easy to make. Behavioral consistency refers to people’s tendency to behave in a manner that matches their past decisions or behaviors. Behavioral consistency acts at both the individual & the social level.

com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer


Even when this commitment is easy to make (thanks to social media & Google integrations), it is not a low-stakes interaction ~ personal information & accidental commitment to long-term relationships are at stake. It takes time to build a relationship of experiential trust before a user feels comfortable sharing personal information.

Effectively facilitating & taking advantage of behavioral consistency is not just a matter of witty microcopy (though that can help) ~ it is a matter of interaction design. Usable sites minimize the interaction cost required to attain a variety of user goals. The interaction cost is the sum of efforts ~ mental & physical ~ that the users must deploy in interacting with a site in order to reach their goals.

Marketing & branding usually have the job of increasing the user motivation & expected benefits for engaging with a particular site or brand; usability deals with lowering the interaction cost.

com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer

Expected Utility

It requires UX practitioners to have a good understanding of commitment levels, prospect theory & loss aversion. It begs the analysis of the decision architecture of each workflow. UX practitioners must understand how much cognitive load, cost, & trust is required for each decision point in the interaction, from start to finish.

Users try to maximize the expected utility of an action: In other words, they weigh the benefits & the costs of each action, & they choose the one that has the best balance of benefits versus costs.

When there are several ways to reach the same goal with similar benefits, users typically tend to pick actions that minimize the estimated interaction cost.

com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer


Commitment & consistency are powerful motivators to increase engagement & persuade users to fulfill their goals. Designs which allow users to make a small, low-cost commitment will be more likely to convert customers than ones that make commitment a costly process.

Interaction cost is a direct measure of usability. In fact, the concept was introduced back in the early days of human-computer interaction to evaluate the usability of a software system. All usability heuristics minimize the interaction cost for the user.

An all-or-nothing design will deliver nothing from most users. There are many questions that need to be answered to ensure we meet user needs at every step of the decision-making process, but it all boils down to facilitating the trust of our users, & increasing the usability & the perceived value of our products & services.

Mental health, contemporary psychiatrists tell us, consists of the ability to adapt to the inevitable stresses & misfortunes of life. It does not mean freedom from anxiety & depression, but only the ability to cope with these afflictions in a healthy way.” ~ Curated Excerpt From: Goodwin, Doris Kearns. “Team of Rivals.” Apple Books.

Curated via Nielsen Norman Group. Thanks for reading, cheers! (with a glass of wine & book of course)

com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer

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com.abtinbidgoli ~ UX/UI Developer

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